Set up payroll schedule (employee pay date, tax due date, and tax file deadlines), ACH direct withdrawal for employer tax payments and employee direct deposit, and client and employee portals for access to payroll system.


NAC Payroll helps employers set up payroll processing, making it easy to identify employees, calculate tax liability, withhold wages, make tax payments, submit forms and reports, and keep track of payments and forms submitted to Washington State and the IRS.

We help clients create schedules to stay ahead of employee pay days, tax due dates, and tax filing deadlines, ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations and avoiding penalties. We also set up Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct withdrawal systems to facilitate employer tax payments and direct deposit of employee paychecks, and online portals so employers and employees have quick and easy access to the payroll system. These services reduce the amount of time and energy needed to process payroll, allowing employers to focus on business while avoiding payroll penalties.