File Forms

Filing state and federal payroll forms before deadlines for new hires, wages, tax liability, unemployment, withholdings, Social Security, Medicare, and other payroll-related forms. 


Forms are a central part of the payroll process. NAC Payroll helps make payroll-related form filing faster, easier, and more affordable. We help our clients avoid penalties by ensuring that all required state and federal payroll-related forms are completed correctly and are submitted to the appropriate entities before state and federal tax deadlines. 

We help employers comply with all government rules concerning the timely submission of withheld tax deposit forms and regular payroll-related reports. Washington State payroll forms include the Employer's Quarterly Tax and Wage Detail Reports and New Hire Report. IRS payroll forms include tax liability reports; payment forms for unemployment, withholdings, Social Security, and Medicare; and other federal payroll-related forms.