Welcome to NAC Payroll



Founded in 2011, NAC Payroll provides payroll services for Washington State small businesses. We are a local Washington State company providing personalized services. Our company strives for the success of our clients and to provide excellent customer service.

Payroll can be complicated and without the right help, small businesses can pay hundreds or even thousands in fees and penalties. We understand the payroll needs for small businesses in Washington State and assist our clients to make sure they stay in compliance with federal, state, and local payroll requirements.



Ensure employer has necessary government registrations to process payroll (EFTPS, EIN, Unemployment, Workers compensation, and other registrations), collect employee information (W4, and I9 forms).


Setup payroll schedule (employee pay date, tax due date, and tax file deadlines), setup ACH direct withdrawal for employers tax payments and employees direct deposit, setup client and employee portal for access to payroll system.

Process Payroll

Data entry of employees time sheet, calculate and withhold payroll taxes, issue checks or direct deposit.

Tax Payments

Deposit payments before due date for federal, state, unemployment, workers compensation, and other payroll related taxes or payments.

File Forms

File payroll forms before deadline for federal, state, unemployment, workers compensation, and other payroll related forms. 

Year End

Issue W2's, issue 1099 (contractors), file W2 and 1099 forms, payroll reports

Other Payroll Tasks

Verify employee names and Social Security numbers with Social Security Administration, integrate payroll information with clients Quickbooks and other accounting software, and other payroll related tasks.