Ensure employer has necessary government registrations to process payroll (EFTPS, EIN, unemployment, workers' compensation, Social Security, Medicare), collect employee information (W4, and I9 forms), records, and forms.


NAC Payroll helps employers comply with all Washington State and federal payroll regulations, including payroll tax and income tax withholding laws, and pay rate calculation rules. We assist clients with employer registrations, employee information, wages and tax liability, withholdings, forms and reports, tax payments, wage and tax records, form retention, and other payroll requirements.  

Payroll compliance topics include: Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), Employer Identification Number (EIN), employee information collection (W4 and I9), unemployment taxes, workers' compensation, Social Security, Medicare, wage calculations, payroll and income tax calculations, withholdings, tax payments, form and report filing, and record keeping, among others.